Organizing Tips for Small Spaces

Organizing Tips for Small Spaces

Is it a little crowded in your tiny home? Follow these organizing tips to maximize square-footage and storage and make your small spaces look and feel bigger.

Build upwards.

Organization for the spaces we use most becomes of paramount importance for functionality, especially when we are forced to downsize. Wall units offer slimline storage along walls and can stretch from floor to ceiling. These don’t have to be unattractive or expensive. If you are a DIY person, building a custom unit that can store and also do double-duty as a drop down desk with bookshelves is a great bonus.

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Organizing tips for small spaces include building upwards using wall units and shelving.

Take advantage of any dead space.

I am sure you have heard of bed risers, those cup-like holders that fit on each corner of bed frames, raising it up to 5-inches off the ground. Sure, you may need a small step stool to get into bed each night, but making use of dead or wasted space under the bed is worth it. Start by maximizing height and purchase plastic containers that can be accessed when needed. Some containers are slim enough to fit under sofas as well.

Prioritize with the weather.

Going along with suggestion No. 2 above, take a look at your closet. Do you live in a region where the seasons have distinctive summer and winter weather? If you can store a season of clothing under the bed while keeping the current season in the closet, room for extra storage may open up. I also use reinforced hangers that have multiple racks to hold several pairs of slacks on one hanger.

Store things where you use them.

Even though it may sound silly, this may be one of the best organizing tips: keep kitchen trash bags in the bottom of the kitchen trash can. You will always know where they are and it’s easy to replace each time. Have you ever thought of installing an under-the-table drawer to keep silverware and place settings? Another suggestion for keeping clutter at bay in the kitchen is to store appliances you only use a few times a year (like holidays), and make room for everyday items that are used instead. Making furniture multi-functional can go a long way to help with decluttering.

Buy the smallest version appliances.

I have what is called a two-person kitchen. It is small and loses function if more than two people are trying to cook or clean. For this reason, I had to be creative with appliances. I swapped my large coffee maker for a single cup maker and my toaster for a conventional oven that does so much more than the toaster could. With my oven only used a few times each year, I store pots and pans inside and opened cabinet space for dishes and glassware.

Get creative with organizing tips and modify them to fit your lifestyle. We would love to hear your innovative ideas by leaving us a comment!

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