Planning a home remodel

Planning a home remodel

As exciting as the idea of planning a home remodel might seem, the process can be unpredictable and overwhelming when construction begins.

To manage expectations before, during and after, be decisive and deliberate in the choices you make. If you change your mind in the middle of construction, it will add extra costs to the bottom line and extra time to the final completion and inspection dates.

  • Plan ahead and do plenty of research. Tour homes and showrooms for ideas you might like to incorporate into your remodel.
  • Keep a file of clippings you like in a folder and take photos of architectural designs to further develop and convey your vision.
  • Prepare for the unexpected by allowing for extra time and cushioning your budget.
  • Hire a licensed contractor to ensure your remodel is compliant with current building codes and regulations.
  • If you don’t have a contractor, contact a local contractors association or union for professional referrals.
  • Keep an open dialog with your contractor(s) and be clear about your ideas, taking his/her suggestions into account through the final plan.
  • For major renovations, a home improvement loan may be required. Let shop for the best interest rates by completing an online quote request HERE.
  • Keep an open mind during the remodel process. Your home will be in a state of chaos and crowded with workers.
  • Depending on where the remodel is happening, prepare to give up some of your privacy for a while.
  • Try to remember that through the construction you will soon be able to relax and enjoy your home!

How did you survive your home remodel? Please leave us a comment if you have a helpful tip to share about managing the remodel process.

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